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Discussing Literature
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This is a community for, as the name says, discussing literature. Whether you are reading in school or in your own free time, whether you want to share ideas, ask questions, or make recommendations, this is your community. Sometimes we read stories as a group, although other literature may certainly always be brought up. Be involved as little or as much as you like. However, if only one or two of you will find ways to share a little of the effort for keeping this community alive and well, things will be much better for all of us.

When we are beginning to choose a new story to read, or once that story has been chosen, I will send an e-mail to the mailing list. This is helpful if you have a cluttered friends page or for any reason do not wish to include this community in your friends list. The original mailing list was unfortunately lost before I obtained the community. Any information as to its whereabouts is appreciated. To mark the occasion of restarting the community, I created a new mailing list at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/msbado/ on February 9, 2003. Anyone may join, anyone may post. If you wish to receive announcements, sign up. This list is for mailing important announcements to the group only.

Finally, I (your maintainer, lettucethink) am always looking for suggestions on anything to put in the interests list of this community, as currently I am simply adding authors as they come to my frayed mind. Feel free to e-mail me with any such suggestions.

Online Books:

huge resource of books and authors; authors can be searched chronologically or alphabetically, books can be searched alphabetically, and the site has the 'great books foundation adult reading list.' most books listed on this site are linked to an online text and are free. others are linked to online retailers. there is also a collection of books in foreign languages, but most of these ore not online.

large collection of authors, organized chronalogically; starts with hammurabi (c. 1790 B.C.E.) and ends with annie dillard (born 1945). has information on all authors listed, and includes links to online texts of many of their works. however, the site is limited, as there are only 300 authors included and there is no search feature (know when your author was born!)

this has a huge number of books, and is an excellent resource. includes a search feature, new listings page, and browsing of authors, books, subjects, and serial archives.

project gutenberg has mostly books published before 1923 so as to comply with copyright laws. features books in txt and zip files, and a browse by author and by book page.

banned books online. need i say more?

many books that have won major literary prizes.

books by women.




The Co-Moderator thing just started (Feb. 2003). We're looking for a few more. E-mail the administrator if you're interested.

The origins of the initial maintainer are very mysterious. imfallingup obtained msbado in June of 2002 and successfully breathed life into it. A tragic lethargy beset the community around September of the same year. lettucethink obtained the community in February of 2003.

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